L’île déserte a été conçue dans le cadre d'un projet de groupe intitulé Réingénierie du monde (commissaire Éric Ladouceur) dans lequel les artistes participants étaient invités à choisir un lieu sur la carte du monde et à y inventer un pays utopique. J'ai choisi la plus petite île de l’océan Pacifique -les contours de la sculpture reprennent la forme de cet îlot- pour y inventer une espèce d’utopie psychologique.

2006, bois, cire, chocolat, feuille d’acrylique transparent, colliers de perles en plastique, boucles d’oreille, gyrophare et texte, sculpture: 240 X 240 X 30 cm
L’île déserte was created within the framework of a group project called Réingénierie du monde (curator Éric Ladouceur) in whom the participating artists were invited to choose a place on the world map and to invent an utopian country there. I chose the smallest of the Pacific islands - the outlines of the sculpture reproduce the shape of this island - to invent a sort of psychological utopia.   

2006, wood, wax, chocolate, transparent acrylic sheet, plastic beaded necklaces, earrings, flashing lights and text, sculpture: 240 X 240 X 30 cm

English translation of the text :

The Lost Island

I am not a warrior. I imagine an ideal isolated, withdrawn world. On the map, I choose the smallest and most remote island. I choose the lost and deserted island. The Lost Island is invisible. It is a magical space located on the boundaries of the universe, an unknown, exotic, but at the same time familiar island. It is a commonplace area of consolation. The Lost Island is miraculously protected. It remains uncontaminated by war, disease, famine, poverty, injustice. On its territory are abolished all forms of disappointment, despair, heart-break, professional failure, anxiety, anguish, unsatisfied aspirations, anger, frustration, stress, self-devaluation, hatred, annoyance, impatience, neurosis, intolerance, misunderstanding, shortages, homesickness, mourning, melancholia, neurasthenia, laziness, break-ups, negative thinking, suicide, depression, premenstrual tension, unhappiness, fatigue, bad luck, despondency, violence, emotional insecurity, unstable feelings, financial precariousness, inadequacy, guilt feeling, paranoia, aggression, uncertainty, emotional disorder, insomnia. On The Lost Island, desires are fulfilled, the pursuit of happiness has been resolved, cheerfulness is law.

photos: Daniel Roussel, Paul Litherland

L'île déserte